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The Fire Company

The Norco Fire Company is composed of dedicated volunteers who serve North Coventry Township in Chester County and its surrounding neighbors. First organized in 1951, the fire hall was built in 1955 on Route 724 near Route 100. Below is a list of its current officers and more information.

Line Officers

Rank Name Email
Chief Joel McMillan
Deputy Chief Charles Hipple Jr deputy64@norcofireco.org
Assistant Chief Charles Schukraft
Captian John Fisher
Lieutenant A Kevin Kerwin
Lieutenant B Steve Shillinger


Rank Name Email
Chief Engineer Randy Richter            
1st Assistant Engineer Kathy Scully            
2nd Assistant Engineer Daniel Coyle            
3rd Assistant Engineer John Schukraft            

Company Officers

Title Name Email
President Barry Boettlin president@norcofireco.org
Vice President Charles Schukraft
Secretary Kathy Scully
Treasurer Tracey Shaner treasurer@norcofireco.org