ALERT!! Updates added 11/21/2016
**Ramp/Road/Lane Closings**
Sheeder Mill Bridge Closed starting Nov 20, 2016 until further notice

Rt 724 Entrance ramp to Rt East 422 Closed
CLOSED May 27th through Mar, 2018!!
Link to Rt 422, Pottstown Area Improvements - Section M1A Project Description/Timeline


NORCO Fire Company

Voicemail System DOWN!

If, when you call, no one answers the phone,
Please send E-Mail to:

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Adopt a Hydrant!!

Winter snows bring about a dangerous situation
when Firefighters can't find a Hydrant quickly!

Think about you and your neighbors making sure Hydrant(s) near your house clear!


Winter Holiday Safety Tips

PLEASE keep your Winter Holidays Safe!

National Safety Council Holiday Safety Tips {41KB PDF}    Holiday Safety Tips

National Fire Protection Association {NFPA} -
"Put A Freeze On Winter Fires"

Federal Emergency Management Administration {FEMA} -
"Put A Freeze On Winter Fires"    Holiday Pet Safety Tips {169KB PDF}

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