ALERT!! Updates 10/23/2017
**Spotted Laternfly - Spreading!**
PA Department of Agriculture information
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**Ramp/Road/Lane Closings**
In area of Rts 724/23 E Pikeland Rt23{Ridge Rd} lane restrictions starting May 5, 2017 for ~5 months 9PM-3PM

Rt 724 Entrance ramp to Rt East 422 Closed
CLOSED May 27th through Mar, 2018!!


NORCO Fire Company

Last Updated: 12/05/2017 11:45 AM

Upcoming Events at NORCO Fire Company

Help Needed!!

  Want to be part the exciting world of Firefighting, helping the community, but don't want to........

"Run into burning buildings"{Fighting fire, Interior or Exterior}


"Play in Traffic"{Fire Police}!!

  Consider supporting your local Volunteer Fire Company by assisting one Sunday evening a month with the BINGO Funraiser!

  Stop by one Sunday evening to see what goes on during a BINGO night.

  Then, join NORCO Fire Company as a Social Member! Click for Application.

Upcoming Outside Events

{Not affiliated with Norco Fire Company, but being held at or near)

Adopt a Hydrant!!

Winter snows bring about a dangerous situation
when Firefighters can't find a Hydrant quickly!

Think about you and your neighbors making sure Hydrant(s) near your house clear!


RECALL of some Kiddie Fire Extinguishers 11/2017

{Click On Picture for more information}